Blue Collar Budget - Easiest. Budget. Ever.

The fastest, easiest way to budget your money.

See your money at a glance and know exactly where you stand.

No more boring spreadsheets.

Calendar View

See your money the way reality does, over time.

Other budgets focus on past spending, or line items in rows. Remember your parents' checkbook register? We focus on the future. See your future bills and income at a glance.
Plan your better future, starting today.

How It Works

1. Set your current cash

Enter your "Current Cash" to see your money show up for every day on the calendar. Add Income items to indicate when you get paid.

2. Add income and bills

Add bills to the calendar on the day they are due. Bills will be subtracted from your "Current Cash" on the day they are due.

3. Done!

Your cashflow will be green if all is well, orange if you are running low, and red if you are in the negative.


  • 2 Months of Calendars
12 Months for $12
  • 1 year calendar
  • Calendar Sharing
  • Early access to new features
(paid yearly)
5 months for $7
  • 5 months of calendars
  • Calendar sharing
(paid in 5 month increments)

Start budgeting today!
Thank yourself tomorrow!